Blend In

Beauty Blender’s special sponge and cleanserSilly makeup novice, you thought the right colors, brands, and combination of cosmetics could transform you to Scarlett Johansson. Fat chance. What you actually need is a hot pink tear dropped shaped little sponge called the Beauty Blender. Created by celebrity makeup artists Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, this little beauty tool is the ultimate in makeup application. With no edges to avoid streaking, a pointed top to access hard-to-reach smaller spots, a suede texture for fun, and special lavender-scented Blender Cleanser to use nightly on your blender, you’ll be looking, well, like a better version of you. So if you still don’t look like a starlet, frankly my dear Scarlett, who gives a damn? $19.95-$39.95,

Original blog entry:

August 27, 2006


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