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October 1, 2007

Frustrated with all the flawless faces walking down the red carpet this season? If bad memories of foundation demarcation are enough to keep you running, read on…

“This season on the red carpet there’s an air of modern sophistication – a return to Classic Hollywood Glamour – rich skin finishes that are not too glowy or greasy,” says artist Rea Ann Silva.


One of Hollywood’s most sought after beauty experts, Rea Ann Silva, has created a beauty tool guaranteed to give makeup a professional finish whether applied by a cosmetic amateur or a makeup aficionado. Now we call can achieve red carpet-quality looks with Beautyblender™, the bright pink elliptically-shaped sponge with an elegant suede texture. The rounded curves of this ultimate makeup tool give makeup application a clean, even finish with no hard or visible edges. The shape also allows access to hard-to-reach areas like under the eyes and the sides of the nose. And, the specially engineered texture of Beautyblender™ actually mimics that of skin for the crème de la crème of cosmetic applicators.

“It’s no longer about looking like you just stepped out of your Bohemian fantasy vacation,” states Silva. “It’s about very deliberate choices…The new looks are very clean and cool as opposed to the naturalist glow and shag of the last few years.”

Simply dampen the Beautyblender™ with a bit of water, squeeze to get rid of excess and apply makeup as normal. When make-up application is complete, go back and blend around the edges with Beautyblender™ for a natural fade of color, creating a professional finish. “It’s about polish, not shine”


So, how does it work? Sounds crazy, but bouncing or stippling Beautyblender™ on the face will help blend in foundation or concealer without lines and streaks, not to mention make for flawless blush application to boot. As said best by Dr. Izzie Stevens, “Seriously.”

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