I Need This: beautyblender Makeup Sponge

By Alyson Mance, Assistant Editor Feb 13, 2008

I’m really good at being late to things. And, while I have makeup brushes, I often slap my foundation or creme blush on with my fingers, forget to wash my hands, and then screw up some awesome light-colored t-shirt or something, which not only pisses me off, but makes me way later than I already was. That said, I’m pretty sure the beautyblender was invented to save my life – and my clothing. How self-centered of me.

Unlike brushes, which are really most useful for liquid foundations and some cream bases, and sponges, which usually get gross and can sometimes leave weird streaks on your face, the beautyblender is teardrop-shaped and mushy, so all sides can be used to blend your makeup flawlessly. Aside from your skin looking a hell of a lot better in general, it’s easy to clean and is far more sightly than those nasty used sponges that look nothing short of dingy in any woman’s makeup bag. $19.95 for one,

AAAAAND it has its own instructional video!!

Original blog entry:
February 2008

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