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If you buy just one item that will make you look fabulous and does what it promises it is this amazing and adorable little pink egg! Your foundation will never look the same again. You simply dampen this little beauty, squeeze out the excess water (I recommend blotting it in a towel) and then dip into your foundation and stipple it on. You will get a flawless, and I do mean flawless finish. The awesome thing is you can also use for blushes, highlighters and powder foundation. The uses are endless.

I had heard many raves for this over the past year. I finally caved and bought one and I can tell you I will never be without this. I have, and still love and adore my Tricia Sawyer foundation brush (the best foundation brush on the market) and my MAC 187 brush (aka) the skunk brush. I like the MAC 187 more for powers (although it can be used for foundation too). This beauteous little egg now makes up my troika of flawless face tools!

If you don’t use the correct tools even the most expensive of foundation will not look as good as it can. If you are looking for something that will give you a flawless face, and are looking for a new foundation, I challenge you that you need a different tool instead. Pick up one of these babies and flawless skin will be yours!!

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March 5, 2008


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