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June 16, 2008

WANTED:  Beautyblender


What is a beautyblender? Well, apparently it’s some sort of a new, revolutionary make-up sponge, which blends your make-up perfectly to give you an air-brushed effect. I’ve read some dazzling reviews of this product, and it seems that a lot of celebrities have gone wild over it.
Now I’m really intrigued to see how it works.
The price is $19.95, and it’s available at the beautyblender website.

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Sugar Shock

June 5, 2008

beautyblender gives good face


My love/hate relationship with the lowly cosmetic sponge goes back to my teen years, with visions of gnarly, crumbled latex wedges cluttering my makeup bag (sorry for that nasty image). Ever since, I’ve relied on using my fingers to apply makeup, since it’s not only quicker, but it seemed to give the best foundation coverage. But I was so wrong. This pink, bulbous, egg-shaped contraption called the beautyblender, which is all the rage with runway makeup artists and celebrities such as Gwen Stefani and Beyonce, has changed the way I do my makeup. The beautyblender’s unique elliptical shape allows you to get into all the crevices and contours of your face and delivers a flawless, even finish without streaks. It’s nearly impossible to apply too much product using the beautyblender, and I was amazed that after applying my Face Atelier Ultra Foundation with it, my skin looked like it had been airbrushed (in a good way). It’s recommended to moisten the beautyblender before applying makeup to get the best result (I used it when dry, and was still amazed at its near-perfect application). Another cool thing about the sponge is its multiple uses: in a pinch, it’s a mattifying tool to remove oil and shine; the smaller tip end becomes an eye smudger to create a smokey eye; and you can even use it to apply self-tanner without streaks. I found it also works great to “dust up” the undereye area after applying eyeshadow to catch any errant powder that falls on the cheek. The beautyblender is latex-free and will last you three months, with proper care. In the words of Bret Michaels, beautyblender, you rock my world.

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