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August 28, 2008

beautyblender Gives You the Smoothest Application of Foundation and Concealer


There are 2 ways in which to apply your makeup – with a sponge and with your fingers.

My Mom has always used her hands, while I’ve always relied on the cosmetic wedges from the drugstore.

The beautyblender, however, changes the way in which your makeup goes on.

It’s an fushia, teardrop-shaped sponge.It is heftier than my usual sponge, yet still extremely light and feels great in the hand – it’s really squishy. It is latex-free totally odorless and hypoallergenic.

The idea behind this sponge was conceived by 2 makeup artists who has seen the flawless effect that this kind of shape could achieve.

The secret behind it is that instead of applying your foundation in a swath across your cheeks, forehead and chin, you stipple it on. And because you are not swiping your liquid, powder or mineral makeup across your face, there are no streaks, lines or visible marks.

In fact, in using the beautyblender, your makeup actually blends into your face so that you look better than your plain self, but it’s difficult to detect that you’re wearing makeup at all.

Which is just about the best thing in the world, dontcha think?

It of course takes a little getting used to – after all, you’ve been putting your makeup on the same way for the last decade or two. But you quickly get the hang of it. The two big differences to your usual routine probably will be that you moisten the sponge before use and that you dot your makeup on instead of smoothing it onto your skin.

You can also use the pointed tip to apply concealer. This is especially effectively under the eye area.

The sponge comes with its own soy-based, lavender scented cleanser,Blendercleanser, that is “specially formulated to maintain the integrity of your beautyblender and helps to make it last.” With proper care, it should last for a year.

And when it is ready to go, you can send it back to the company, where they will safely recycle it for you.

If you’ve always wanted a flawless look, get the beautyblender.

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Press Pass Beauty Blog

August 13, 2008

Editor’s Pick:  Beautyblender makeup sponge

My first encounter with this genius, egg-shaped makeup marvel happened when fellow beauty addict and workmate offered me one (thanks, Kristen!). I’ve now been using this hot-pink, oval device, a.k.a., the Beautyblender (available at Holt’s) for over a month now, and am impressed. Apparently I’m not the only one; the egg-sponge has a staunch and obsessive following, from pro makeup artists to celebs alike, in addition to a myriad of rave reviews in beauty magazines. The cheap-o, measly, standard-variety sponge – with its pointy corners – has got nothing on this, especially on the streak-free front. With its elliptical form, the Beautyblender allows for no-brainer blending, resulting in a streak-free, almost airbrush-effect application. Plus the soft, tapered tip let’s you get into the contours and hard-to-reach spots of your face, while the rounded base works wonders for the forehead and cheeks. The trick to using this sponge is by stippling and feathering the makeup onto skin. This “why-didn’t-I-think-of-it!” invention was produced by dynamic-duo, Hollywood makeup artists, Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz. They recommend washing it after each use (note: it’s normal of this sponge to expand when wet) and placing it in the insert pedestal to dry. Since it’s non-allergenic and latex and odor free, the sponge should last up to three months with proper care. Best part:once you’re done with the sponge, you can recycle it, instead of tossing it out. Info about the Beautysender program is on the packaging.

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ShopTalk D Magazine

August 12, 2008

Finally, A Makeup Sponge I Could Love

After a few failed relationships with a variety of makeup sponge applicators, I finally tossed the whole lot of them a few years ago and started using my fingers. But because of the seemingly revolutionary new applicator you see there on the left, I’m beginning to rethink that decision. It’s called the Beautyblender, and as far as makeup sponges go, it’s pretty fancy. Not only is it contoured to fit your face, but the small tip at the end is designed for hard-to-reach places such as the under-eye area. It’s also supposed to be good for streak-free self-tanning application. I especially like that the sponge is washable, so there’s no chance of transferring old oil and dirt to your freshly scrubbed face. The Beautyblender is $20.95 at Beauty First.

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August 1, 2008

How to Apply Makeup Using the Beauty Blender


By PurelyCosmetics

Beauty Blender - a Pink Egg!

Beauty Blender – a Pink Egg!

The Beauty Blender is a novel way of applying makeup. On first glance, you think it’s just a gimmicky pink sponge. Read on to find out why it’s not.

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