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Finally, A Makeup Sponge I Could Love

After a few failed relationships with a variety of makeup sponge applicators, I finally tossed the whole lot of them a few years ago and started using my fingers. But because of the seemingly revolutionary new applicator you see there on the left, I’m beginning to rethink that decision. It’s called the Beautyblender, and as far as makeup sponges go, it’s pretty fancy. Not only is it contoured to fit your face, but the small tip at the end is designed for hard-to-reach places such as the under-eye area. It’s also supposed to be good for streak-free self-tanning application. I especially like that the sponge is washable, so there’s no chance of transferring old oil and dirt to your freshly scrubbed face. The Beautyblender is $20.95 at Beauty First.

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