You’ve Gotta Give, Give, Give

A Round Up of Charitable Initiatives

The beauty industry isn’t focused solely on making women beautiful on the outside. Cosmetic companies, large and small, specialize in charitable endeavors, whether it’s creating a product expressly for donated proceeds or donating a portion of profits from already popular products. It’s not only a gesture of good will towards worthwhile causes, but also a way for companies to express creativity in their humanitarian efforts! We’re offering our round up of the some of this season’s charitable products to help you look and feel good about primping!

What: beautyblender, the ultimate cosmetic sponge applicator

Who Benefits: During October, National Breast Cancer Awareness month, beautyblender will donate 10 percent of all sales on to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The egg-shaped beautyblender is hot pink, making it a no-brainer to partner up in the fight against breast cancer!

Why Buy: Don’t giggle, but this cute ‘n curvy sponge that is similar to you! It not only looks incredibly cute sitting on your vanity when not in use but it’ll adapt to the shape and contour of your face and eyes, is a multi-tasker that, when wet, can apply self-tanners and foundations, remove make up and smudge eyeliner, absorb shine. It’s an indispensible, odorless and latex-free tool that’s sold solo or with its own lavender-scented cleanser.

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