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Makeup Must:  Beautyblender

I’m feeling chatty today. I think it’s because I’m still on a high after finally catching a really good flick yesterday. Go see Slumdog Millionaire. It’s so good. That’s all I’ll say because I knew nothing about it before I went and it was such a joy watching the story unfold without the media barrage spoiling all the good scenes. So since I’m all talkative and it’s entirely too early to wake the spa boy from his deep and snoring slumber, I’ll spill on another favorite beauty item. Diane Aiello, the owner of Glam Lounge and beauty and fashion stylist, introduced the beautyblender to me one day while visiting her chic boutique in Scottsdale. I was drawn to it of course because of its brilliant hot pink color (I’m so predictable, it’s just sad) and it has since become part of my makeup starting lineup. I previously used those wedge-shaped cosmetic sponges to blend my foundation, which work fine. But once you try the beautyblender, you’ll never go back. You simply douse it under the sink with water, give it a squeeze and then I roll it in a clean towel to remove excess water. I apply foundation with my fingers and then blend away with my little pink egg-shaped wonder. It’s as soft as can be and is latex and odor free. You can purchase it as a set with a sponge cleanser but I rinse it with hand soap after use and let it dry. Remember to always let your beauty brushes and tools dry completely before storing them. For more on the beautyblender, visit or pick one up at Glam Loungeor

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