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Beauty Vending Machine from U’Tique

Britishbeautyblogger had a cool post on a new beauty vending machine about to be rolled out in Fred Segal this month. Another cool design/beauty hybrid, no? It reminds me of something you could have seen in Tokyo or Copenhagen 10 years ago.

These luxury vending machines are called U*Tiques and designed by a veteran consultant for companies like Dove and Absolut. And there are big plans for this new method of selling luxury cosmetics, with an eye to roll it out in hotel lobbiesgymsnightclubsairports,malls and anywhere else you often find yourself lacking beauty and grooming products when you need them most. This way, you can get exactly what you’d normally use instead of some crappy trial-sized tat. So far, W Magazine reports that brands that have confirmed space in the vending machines already include ‘[Frederic Fekkai]… New York–based apothecary Malin + Goetz, indie skincare company Clark’s BotanicalsMD Skincare (a line formulated by New York dermatologist Dennis Gross) and popular makeup brand Smashbox Cosmetics.”

Other brands I’d love to see in a U*Tique at Heathrow Terminal 5 (where I think one would do very well) whilst waiting to catch a plane? Go SmileBorbaRescue BeautySpanx,Mariann Newman Nail PensEylureLipstick QueenNudeTeraxBeautyblender,Makeup Forever… man, I would love to get a crack at stocking a limited-edition range of these suckers… would be my dream job.

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