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Beautyblender & Blendercleanser

At the International Makeup Trade Show, I was introduced to this cool looking egg-shaped makeup sponge.  BeautyBlender Makeup Sponge Applicator and Cleanser are the perfect duo.  This latex-free, anti-microbial tear drop shaped makeup sponge makes your foundation look flawless.

Designed by two top hollywood makeup artists, this unique makeup sponge makes application in those hard-to-reach places foolproof.  You can use BeautyBlender either dry or damp, I prefer using it damp.  Be aware it does expand when wet.  BeautyBlender can be used with all types of foundation, liquid, cream, mineral makeup, cream blush, powder, etc.  Stipple or “bounce” BeautyBlender sponge for a flawless, airbrush-type of finish.  For problem skin or blemishes, use the pointed end of the BeautyBlender to stipple and twist foundation over the blemish.  After each use, you’ll want to use the BlenderCleanser to cleanse your sponge.  This soy-based, earth-friendly cleanser, is lightly scented of lavender, free of dyes and other skin irritants, maintaining  the integrity of your BeautyBlender makeup Sponge.  Remember lavender is a natural anti-microbial and soy is a natural moisiturizer.

I hope you enjoy your BeautyBlender and BlenderCleanser as much as I do!

Keep Glowing~

Makeupkitty :K

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