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Fotini’s Makeup trick of the week… Beautyblender

Message from Fotini Hatzis (Australia’s Got Talent make up Goddess)

Fotini says, “In my opinion this is the best sponge that has been created by mankind, Beautyblender. I always get asked what I use on Dannii’sskin to get that flawless finish, this little beauty secret is the answer for those at home. It blends, leaves no streaks due to the fact it has no edges, little amount of product you will need with your foundation, with this sponge. Rinse it before you use, as it becomes larger in size and covers a larger area. To have your foundation last you longer, never use your fingers, as you get most of the product between your fingers, always use Beautyblender or a foundation brush, the tiniest amount goes a long way with the proper tools in your application.Beautyblender can also be used for your luminiser above your cheek area and also with your creme blush on your cheeks.Dab and roll……”

Original blog entry:  http://danniiminogueofficial.blogspot.com/2009/07/fotinis-make-up-trick-of-weekbeauty.html


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