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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle your Beautyblender

Millions of women everyday approach their local cosmetic counters, supermarket and drug store aisles searching for the easiest and quickest way to achieve the perfect look and flawless complexion.  What most don’t know is that it starts with great skin care at least twice a day and making sure that when you are touching your face your tools and hands are clean.  What most people don’t think about is that your hands pick up dirt, dust and oil on everything you touch!  When applying or blending in foundation, concealer and blush with your fingers everyday, you are slowly mashing these particles into your skin.  This results in blemishes on the skin, acne and can cause unevenness in skin tone.

For the last several months I have been trying out an exciting new tool created by two Hollywood Makeup artists Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz.  The Beauty Blender is a soft, bright pink sponge, in the shape of an egg or teardrop with a pointed top.  This unique shape is perfect for reaching into the tough to reach spots like around the nose and eye area.  The Beauty Blender is specially designed so it won’t absorb foundation that you don’t need, which most other makeup sponges do.

Just place a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand (I suggest above the knuckle of your index finger). Pat the tip of the Beauty Blender into the foundation using only a small amount at first.  Start with foundation and concealer in the hard to reach places first, like the eye and nose areas and work out onto the cheeks and forehead.  Never wipe with the blender, this can create lines, push the foundation around and will not provide the coverage you are looking to conceal problem areas on the skin.  You are going to want to pat or use a stippling action to create a flawless coverage.  For a heavier coverage go over problem areas several times and let your foundation setup for atleast 10 minutes.

If you desire a glamorous look or to give your skin a bit of color and radiance, try using a liquid or powder illuminator with your Beauty Blender.  The Beauty Blender can be used with pressed and loose powder, blush, bronzer, and I even apply eye shadow base and shades with it.  Remember your Beauty Blender isn’t just for your face; you can use it on any part of your body where you are looking to conceal or cover blemishes.  For example, I use mine on my neck and décolleté to give myself a bit of shimmer and on my shoulders to achieve a bronze goddess look.  The techniques to using the Beauty Blender are endless and if you make a mistake (For example: Too much blush or eye shadow!) just simply pat and blend the excess makeup away till you achieve the perfect look!

If you aren’t a fan of makeup or only use it on special occasion try using the Beauty Blender for applying basic skin care.  At night I use sunless tanner on my face, neck and décolleté to keep my color and I apply it with the Beauty Blender so I don’t get sunless tanner all over my fingers.  The Beauty Blender is a great tool for hygienically applying any sort of product to your skin!

After applying makeup just wash the Beauty Blender out with the Blendercleanser and water.  Blendercleanser is an amazing cleanser that helps work makeup, dirt and oil out of the Beauty Blender and is completely Eco-friendly.  Using this Blendercleanser every time you use your Beauty Blender will help keep your skin free of dirt, oil and yesterday’s foundation.  This will help your skin will appear fresh and new every time you apply makeup!  On the cap of the Blendercleanser bottle is a curved pedestal for your Beauty Blender to dry out on after cleaning. Regular cleaning and drying of your Beauty Blender will help prolong the life of the sponge.

Everyday thousands of makeup applicators and sponges are thrown away and sit in landfills. The creators of Beauty Blender have made it possible to recycle your Beauty Blender when the sponge begins to break down and fall apart. Silenze Beauty, manufacturer of the Beauty Blender will allow you to mail the sponge back to the company to be ground up and recycled.  What a great way to go Green every morning!


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