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August 12, 2009

Beautyblender – It Will Change the Way You Put on Your Face

I have seen this Beautyblender sponge around for a year or so now, and I even balked at the price and the promise of a flawless look. But once I tried it, I have not looked back and will not flinch when needing to buy another.

This super cute pink sponge makes application of foundation and concealer totally even, while covering skin and making it appear almost flawless. When bouncing, yes BOUNCING, or in makeup terms, stippling the Beautyblender Sponge over the face, an air-brush finish will be achieved. No lines, no streaks, no tell-tale sign of demarcation. Just a beautiful finish.

To use, I first dampen the sponge by spraying a squirt of water to it. I then apply my foundation to the back of my hand and dip the large round bottom of the sponge in it and bounce it over my face. I bounce a bit more where I need more coverage and continue to bounce and adjust the pressure as needed all around my face. I use the smaller slightly pointed end to apply concealer under and around my eyes.

Caring for the Beautyblender Sponge is simple with it’s Blendercleanser, an environmentally friendly cleansing solution. I highly recommending buying the Beautyblender Sponge and Blendercleanser together to maximze the life of the sponge. The set is well worth the $34.95, as the sponge alone is $19.95.

The Beautyblender is available at as well as Sephora stores and

To see the Beautyblender in action, check out superstar makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic use it on Kim Kardashian in the little video clip found here.

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Raedawn J’s Orglamic Beauty Blog

August 3, 2009

My Favorite Things

This pink sponge, which most of my clients call my little egg is my go to tool! I absolutely love this sponge! I just run it under water, and then wring the water out. The fact that the sponge is damp is what makes the foundation go onto the skin so nicely.

You can pick up one of these sponges from Ricky’s in New York or

I hope you love these products just as much as I do!


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Beauty In The Bag

August 3, 2009

Beautyblender Brilliance

BEAUTYBLENDER – You can’t miss this funky HOT pink egg shaped tool – but I can’t promise that you’ll know what it is for at first glance. The BeautyBlender is an ingenius make up sponge with a pointy tip that is super soft and squeezable. One use and you’ll be addicted. It evenly blends your make up, without depositing excess makeup onto your skin. You can use the pointed tip to blend concealer over trouble areas, like scars from picking zits (ugh. don’t do it ladies! i promise, the scar is not worth the quick fix!) and then use the fatter end to get your liquid foundation exactly where you want it. No drips, no waste, and it’s a no brainer. The package comes with instructions on how to use the sponge, and you can also get the sponge cleasner, to keep it clean and bacteria-free so it lasts longer.

FINAL VERDICT: RDW (Run Dont Walk) – This makeup sponge delivers the ultimate complexion perfection, and even at a $20 price tag, the airbrushed look every day is definitely worth it. It lasts up to three months, which trumps any regular make up sponge.

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