Beauty In The Bag

Beautyblender Brilliance

BEAUTYBLENDER – You can’t miss this funky HOT pink egg shaped tool – but I can’t promise that you’ll know what it is for at first glance. The BeautyBlender is an ingenius make up sponge with a pointy tip that is super soft and squeezable. One use and you’ll be addicted. It evenly blends your make up, without depositing excess makeup onto your skin. You can use the pointed tip to blend concealer over trouble areas, like scars from picking zits (ugh. don’t do it ladies! i promise, the scar is not worth the quick fix!) and then use the fatter end to get your liquid foundation exactly where you want it. No drips, no waste, and it’s a no brainer. The package comes with instructions on how to use the sponge, and you can also get the sponge cleasner, to keep it clean and bacteria-free so it lasts longer.

FINAL VERDICT: RDW (Run Dont Walk) – This makeup sponge delivers the ultimate complexion perfection, and even at a $20 price tag, the airbrushed look every day is definitely worth it. It lasts up to three months, which trumps any regular make up sponge.

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