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What good face!

The Ten Commandments to show off your winter look healthy.

The leaf fall often triggers among most women an irrepressible desire to try to look cheerful. At the end of the day, we miss this summer’s tan, where care and healthy, it is most flattering. However, the sun and sea breezes are not the only allies that exist to boast a healthy look. We checked with the help of the best makeup artists and beauty experts who help us to unravel the ten commandments to give an extra dose of freshness to your face.
By Ana Morales

When applying foundation you can use a brush, a sponge or fingers directly. If you go by the sponge, we recommend Beautyblender (19.50 €). Is elliptical and ravages among the most prestigious make up artist in Hollywood. Why? No corners or edges to avoid the dreaded lines. In addition, it adapts perfectly to facial contours.

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