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Hello my luvs! It’s Wednesday, and time for some Humpday Q&A…but you already knew that didn’t you? Well let’s hop to it then!

Alyssa wrote:  Is it better to put on my liquid foundation with a brush or a sponge? I’ve heard both but which one is best?

Well Ms. Alyssa this is a wonderful question!  And the right answer really depends on the person. I normally say a brush always, because most sponges will just absorb all of your foundation and leave you with a bare face and an empty bottle.  However, there is an exception to this rule, there is a sponge that trumps ALL makeup sponges honey, and I swear to all that is real and good, you will have the only flawless, airbrushed-looking skin in all the land!  All. The. Land. It is The Beautyblender ($20) and it’s all you’ll ever need.

Beautyblender is the chicest little shocking pink egg shaped sponge that will blend your foundation for you with nary a sign of streaking, caking, or line of demarcation.  You simply spritz her (yes, I said HER…personifiying your beauty products is essential) with a bit of water and then dip the round end into foundation and stipple it all over your face with a ‘bounce, bounce’ technique. No dragging. Then for hard to cover areas such as blemishes or even the inner corners of your eyes you use the pointy end. Ta-da! Absolute Flawlessness!  This is seriously one of my fave tools girl…airbrush machine be damned.  It’s also a fave of the makeup artists for Kim K. and Rihanna.  Oh, and lest we forget…it’s PINK honey!

The fab little bonus is that it’s reusable, recyclable, and can also be purchased with the Eco-friendly, yummy lavender scented cleanser to give you more beauty bang for your buck.

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