Cleanup in the Beauty Aisle


Raise your hand if you regularly clean your makeup applicators. Nobody? Thought so. When it comes to keeping my beauty bag clean, I am so lazy I usually end up buying cheap makeup brushes and sponges so I can toss them after they get too gunked-up to use. This is no good for the environment, it’s no good for my skin, and my makeup application is suffering from the sub-par products as well. Then, while perusing the beauty items in our fashion closet, my eyes fell upon an odd-looking product, one that will certainly help me purge my sinful makeup ways: The Beauty Blender. “Modernize the way you clean up!” it told me in bright font. “Protect your sponge and the planet,” was enough to drive the point home — I need to reform my ways.

The Sponge
Egg-shaped, girly pink, and has the texture of suede; the innovative design is enough to make you want to take good care of this little guy. When I used the specially-designed sponge (created by Hollywood makeup artists Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz), I found the shape matched the contours of the face, with a gently shaped point to reach the areas around the eyes and nose that my fingers always mess up. I also felt as if I didn’t have to wait as long for my foundation to dry, and I was left with a smooth, streak-free finish.

The Cleanser
Along with the dainty egg, a bottle of sponge cleaner comes as a sidekick. It has a special pump to fit with the sponge and removes the makeup, dirt, and oil left behind an application. “Things you clean between uses: dishes, laundry, hands,” the bottle beckons, “now add your makeup sponge to the list.” What about waiting for my new favorite egg to dry between uses? That would be annoying, as I am a compulsive makeup chameleon, often switching my entire face from day to night. “Beauty Blender works even better when slightly damp,” it promises, “the moisture causes the sponge to expand and get softer, creating a smoother application.” Basically, my investment means I’ll have better looking skin, and an applicator that lasts a long while—and I can even use the cleanser on my funky powder brushes and shadow applicators.

The Planet
OK, the fact that I’m not tossing the sponge after every use seems like a good deal, but the Beauty Blender people have thought of everything: When you are ready to dispose of your old Beauty Blender, and purchase a new one (because I think you will), just send it back to BB HQ and they’ll recycle the product for you.

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