Beauty Blender, new for best makeup


This small sponge with the form of egg has just arrived to Spain after to have devastated among all the celebrities American.  The certain thing is that is a very practical accessory that facilitates the best application of the base of makeup, that is to say the fundamental principle that offers to the skin a finished fresh and natural or all the contrary thing, type Venetian mask.

The invention of color fushcia intense will not pass unnoticed neither around here.  It created by Defendant Ann Forest and Veronica Lorenz, two of the make up artists more famous of Hollywood.  With this esponjita you will obtain a had just natural makeup and uniform without abrupt changes of tone; small horror.  The sponge aplicadora Beauty Blender improves the results of the makeup by its elliptic design, is manufactured without edges neither edges to avoid unaesthetic lines.

An unlimited makeup rebranded neither edges without blurring, simply that itself be not noted.  I do it with the fingers, but one must recognize that the idea is original, what I call a true news.

It guarantees that arrives at all the corners of the face.  The new esponjta washes with a cleaning one aromatizado with lavender and free of colors or irritating products to maintain it always in perfect conditions of hygiene.

Price:  19.50 euro.  It is sold with a Blendercleanser, 19 euro.  Starter Kit:  Beauty Blender + Blendercleanser, 36 euro.

And already you know after making up touches always desmaquillar well the skin and to put a little moisturizing.

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