Beautyblender in Spain


The establishments If sell in exclusive the sponge to apply the makeup Beautyblender, a tool of beauty that has harvested a resounding success in the United States among the celebrities.  It is a matter of a sponge of elliptic form that provides a finished professional and impeccable.

This product of makeup was created by the makeup artists of Hollywood Ann Forest and Veronica Lorenz due to its dissatisfaction by the results obtained upon applying the makeup with the fingers or with the traditional sponges:  Because of it, they decided to create a product that them to permit to make up the most difficult zones with facility.

In this manner, Beautyblender can be utilized in dry or dampened with the base of makeup, the corrector, the dust, the blush, the shadows and even with lotions and autobronceadores.

This product arrived at Europe does few weeks next to Blendercleanser, a cleaning one aromatizado with lavender, free of colors and irritating products to maintain intact the sponge Beautyblender.  In the perfumeries If both products can be found.

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