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Movie Makeup

February 28, 2010

Oh and an UPDATE on the Beauty Blender which I posted about.
I tried it out last night and can I just say W.O.W. I am head over heels in love.
This little sponge is pure magic! I used my good old Revlon ColorStay Foundation and Maybelline Mousse concealer with it and followed the directions making sure to wet it first which it advises to do as it gives a more flawless finish. I honestly don’t think I could have been more impressed! It really did create an airbrushed and flawless finish, much more than what I was expecting. So I have to say that it does in fact live up to its hype for me!!
I haven’t used the cleanser yet but so far I’m very happy with the sponge so if anyone is thinking about trying it out I would say DO! I was a bit iffy thinking I’ve probably just been sucked in AGAIN lol but what do ya know, it actually does what it says!!! A++ from me : )

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Hot new beauty products are tops with testers

February 28, 2010

Get a professional finish with the BeautyBender, a soft sponge applicator you use with your foundation. Apply foundation with your fingers, then use the pink tool to “stipple” and smooth out lines and edges. Testers found it easy to use and liked how the pointed end got into tight corners around the nose and eyes. It also comes with BlenderCleanser to keep it clean and fresh. Check out a video at to see a makeup artist demonstrate the product on Kim Kardashian.

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Revolutionize your makeup application with Beautyblender

February 26, 2010

The slogan for Beautyblender, Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz’ ingenious creation, is “Modernize the Way You Make Up.” Though I can totally see what these two makeup geniuses mean, I must go to ‘revolutionize.’


A little bright pink elliptically shaped sponge with a suede-like texture, Beautyblender’s secret (and power) is embedded in its shape. The rounded curves help created a clean even finish while the pointy ends help reach those hard-to-reach places.

beauty-blender-+-cleanser Now, I really like to use cream or liquid foundation but constantly struggle with application. I have tried brushes (which I like but require constant cleaning in order to get a uniform application) and sponges galore and only found my true friend in BeautyBlender. The fact that you must wet the sponge a little before using to me is a plus as well, since it helps the foundation glide on the skin while diffusing it a little.

Another plus? This is not a ‘use and toss’ sponge. Just get your hands on Blendercleanser (or buy the duo!), an enviromentally friendly cleansing solution formulated especially for the Beautyblender.

Beautyblender is available for $20 at and select Drugstores nationwide.

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Super Sponge

February 24, 2010

Problem: You’re no makeup pro, as evidenced by the uneven splotches of foundation on your face. No matter what you use—your fingertips, an expensive foundation brush, a soft powder puff— it doesn’t seem to help the distribution factor. You still end up walking around with streaks of makeup all over your face.

Solution: Achieve a super smooth finish—sans a professional makeup artist—with the Beauty Blender ($19.95, This bright pink elliptically-shaped sponge has rounded curves and a velvety texture that allows for an even application in hard-to-reach areas, like under the eyes and the sides of the nose. Use it for your foundation, concealer and blush for a balanced blend that’ll bring out the natural beauty in you.

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Beauty Blender Sponge

February 23, 2010

Sad to say but the streets of Manhattan are full of beautiful women who just don’t seem to know how to apply makeup. I’m no expert, but one thing I do know is that when you wear foundation, it should look seamless. I shouldn’t be able to see patches of different colored makeup or streaks and lines all over your face. The key to great makeup application is blending, and I’m happy to say that a product that I recently tried and will help with the foundation blending process (IMO it’s best  with use cream foundations) is the beauty blender. This egg-shaped sponge has been all the rave lately. Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedanovic  (who is a great makeup artist) uses it when he applies her makeup and I’ve been using it as well when I use my cream foundation. The egg shape of the product really makes hard to reach areas a breeze to reach. All you have to do is moisten the sponge, and apply your makeup  as normal and you’ll notice  a difference in how blended, and uniform your makeup looks.

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Beautyblender Review

February 22, 2010

Ever wonder how your favorite celebrity gets her makeup so flawless? Chances are she uses the Beauty Blender. The BeautyBlender is the ultimate make up sponge applicator. Invented by top Hollywood make up artists Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, BeautyBlender has been created to leave you with a professional finish and a flawless complexion.

Beauty Blender has been used by the following celebrities:
Jessica Simpson
Melanie Mills {Makeup Artist for Dancing with the Stars}
Vivica Fox
Victoria Secret Models
Lea Ann Womack
Khloe Kardashian
Taylor Swift
…and many more!

BeautyBlender was super sweet and sent me a blender and cleaner duo pack to review. I no longer will wonder when watching a movie how a celebrity got their makeup so smooth and flawless! My goodness this little sponge packs quite the magic trick! It is super soft and glides perfectly over my skin. When using my beauty blender I wet it and dip it into my favorite mineral makeup and then bounce it across my face for a smooth and flawless finish! I love using the BeautyBlender for blush and eye shadow as well…it blends everything together so that my makeup has one uniform look that I absolutely LOVE! The BeautyBlender is super easy to clean with the Cleanser, it literally takes 30 seconds to clean it! The Cleanser stands on its own as a tough cleanser with a heavenly lavender scent, I love using it on my makeup brushes as well!
You can buy your own BeautyBlender here, but I am warning you once you buy one you will be addicted!
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Meet your new BFF: The Beautyblender

February 10, 2010

I have two pets: an eight-month-old white lab named Molly Thomas (named after my father-in-law, with whom she shares a birthday), and this funny little pink sponge.

No, it’s not THAT kind of sponge.

It’s called the Beautyblender, and it’s the single most ingenious, versatile tool in my beauty kit. Notice the spherical, egg-like shape. Now imagine how deftly that thing maneuvers around your face and all of its nooks and crannies. It’s like the Dyson of makeup sponges. I dampen it slightly to apply tinted moisturizer and foundation with a natural, sheer finish. I use the tip to dot powder over concealer, or to clean up eyeshadow smudges. The capabilities are endless, and I keep discovering them. I also appreciate that it’s not disposable, like drugstore cheapies. You simply give it a quick rinse with the accompanying cleanser and let it air-dry. Mine is still in perfect condition after almost a year. Now is the perfect time to nab one: Beautyblender is offering two for $28.95 at Why not split the set with a friend? That’s my kind of Valentine!

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Beautyblender Make-up Sponge

February 8, 2010

This is a fun duo that will make your makeup routine smoother.

I don’t wear too much make-up and as far as foundation goes, I wear barely any. I dab on foundation with my finger hitting only bad marks and dark areas, diluting with a bit of water & lotion.

When I first tried the Beautyblender, I made the mistake of thinking I should step away from my norm and try full coverage. I somehow thought Beautyblender would make full coverage look like I was wearing nothing at all. I was wrong.

However, when I stuck to my routine the Beautyblender became my friend. It takes all the effort out of blending.

I like to use the sponge wet. I put the make-up where I want it on my face and use the wet Beautyblender to blend by bouncing it over the make-up. Just bounce for a perfect blend. The pointed end is perfect for getting close to the eye and in the corners of the nose.

Then when you’re done use the cleanser, work to a foam, rinse and put back in the container to dry. Then it’s ready for next use.

I really like having the Beautyblender and so do celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, and Christina Aguilera,Beyonce, and Alicia Silverstone

Latex Free and recyclable. Yay!

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Product Review: BeautyBlender Makeup Sponge

February 4, 2010

Miracle Product: BeautyBlender Sponge & Cleanser ($34.95)

They Say: The sponge’s elliptical shape makes makeup application a cinch by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas. Use the cleanser so that you can reuse the sponge time and time again.

We Say: Keep reading for reviews from Style staffers!

StyleTest Drive

Pros: It’s better than what I normally use in that it gave me a professional finish. It was easy to clean the leftover makeup from the sponge.
Cons: It took me a while to get used to gripping the egg-shaped applicator.
—Alex S., Editorial

Pros: I usually use a brush and I really have to blend well otherwise it leaves lines and looks horrible. I didn’t experience that with the sponge. The cleanser didn’t leave an oily feeling and worked great on my brushes.
Cons: The sponge irritated the skin under my eye area, which is so sensitive.
—Bruna N., Editorial

Pros: I loved the versatility! I don’t use liquid makeup often, but by adding a little water to the sponge, I was able to use it with any dry makeup powder, bronzer or eye shadow. The shape is also great and allows you to cover your whole face, then simply flip it the other direction and use for eye makeup.
Cons: None
—Chloe S., Editorial

Bottom Line: The BeautyBlender is the ultimate makeup applicator!

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Beauty Blender Sweetheart Special

February 4, 2010

I’ve been a fan of Beauty Blender’s teardrop-shaped sponges since the moment I used them to apply some foundation or concealer onto my face. These sponges are sturdy enough to withstand months of use, but they’re so flexible that you can contour them as needed to reach those little nooks (like, along the nostrils or right below the tear duct area). This set includes two sponges, along with ten single-use cleanser packets.

Beauty Blender Sweetheart Special, $28.95. Visit

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