Foundation Blending Made Simple: The BeautyBlender Sponge

Okay…I’m just a tad bit late on this craze but…OMG!!! What the heck was my life before this amazing tool???

A genius little sponge indeed…keep reading!

The mornings are usually crunch time for me. I wake up with exactly just enough time to wake up, walk Foxy, take a quick shower, brush my teeth, throw on clothes and exactly ten minutes for hair and ten minutes for makeup. No more. No less. If (god forbid) a certain routine takes even a crucial minute or two longer – I’m instantly late and behind schedule.

Bad I know – and it could easily be fixed if I just woke up twenty minutes earlier — but nooo… I just need those extra few minutes of sleep! (Don’t judge me!)

Anyhow, yesterday, I switched my foundation from cream back to liquid, and since I was still totally half asleep – I completely forgot that my liquid application takes about five minutes more than my cream foundation application…and thus, I was late.

This morning, I decided to finally pull out a BeautyBlender Sponge I had received back in December, and decided to put it to work!

Holy sh*t!!!

First of all, as the flawless-obsessed foundation fiend that I am, I usually struggle in the morning especially to make sure that my foundation is perfectly applied. Brushes are great but very often do they shed and sometimes even with the most patience, you’ll still find that bristles can leave streaking. Fingers are also great and melting product onto skin but they can also leave streaking and lead to un-even applications. I have always found standard sponges to be useless as they are either almost too dense or too harsh on the skin and don’t do anything at all.

This however was different…entirely different!

It’s practically foundation blending for dummies! I swear it is literally fool-proof!

It’s about the size of an actual egg, and the texture is soft and suede-like. The tapered end allows for easy reach and blending of smaller areas of the face such as under-eye, crevices of the nose, etc; and it’s easy to use – just dab on some product (not a lot) and blend away!

What I loved about the BeautyBlender sponge the most is that it allowed me to control the use and waste of product even more than with a standard brush because the truth is that when I use my brushes to apply foundation – a lot of the product gets wasted by being left behind either on my mixing palette, back of hand or even the actual brush bristles; but with the sponge, not only do I use less product – but it’s also great at truly blending out the already existing product on your face.

The BeautyBlender is latex free, non-allergenic and odor free and also has a specially formulated cleanser available that is lavender-scented cleanser and free of dyes and skin irritants. It’s also soy-based, which is naturally moisturizing and therefore beneficial for both the care of the sponge and your skin.

So onto my final thoughts: Would I recommend it? Heck yes! And I’m ordering a few more as back-ups. I won’t say that I’ll never use my foundation brushes ever again, but for right now I’m hooked on the BeautyBlender. It seriously gave me amazing coverage and evenness of product and applying other items such as concealer was a dream. So while I rush in the mornings to get through my routine — I’m happy knowing that this fabulous little tool has saved me a few minutes and sends me out the door with flawless looking skin!

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