Product Review: BeautyBlender Makeup Sponge

Miracle Product: BeautyBlender Sponge & Cleanser ($34.95)

They Say: The sponge’s elliptical shape makes makeup application a cinch by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas. Use the cleanser so that you can reuse the sponge time and time again.

We Say: Keep reading for reviews from Style staffers!

StyleTest Drive

Pros: It’s better than what I normally use in that it gave me a professional finish. It was easy to clean the leftover makeup from the sponge.
Cons: It took me a while to get used to gripping the egg-shaped applicator.
—Alex S., Editorial

Pros: I usually use a brush and I really have to blend well otherwise it leaves lines and looks horrible. I didn’t experience that with the sponge. The cleanser didn’t leave an oily feeling and worked great on my brushes.
Cons: The sponge irritated the skin under my eye area, which is so sensitive.
—Bruna N., Editorial

Pros: I loved the versatility! I don’t use liquid makeup often, but by adding a little water to the sponge, I was able to use it with any dry makeup powder, bronzer or eye shadow. The shape is also great and allows you to cover your whole face, then simply flip it the other direction and use for eye makeup.
Cons: None
—Chloe S., Editorial

Bottom Line: The BeautyBlender is the ultimate makeup applicator!

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