Beautyblender Make-up Sponge

This is a fun duo that will make your makeup routine smoother.

I don’t wear too much make-up and as far as foundation goes, I wear barely any. I dab on foundation with my finger hitting only bad marks and dark areas, diluting with a bit of water & lotion.

When I first tried the Beautyblender, I made the mistake of thinking I should step away from my norm and try full coverage. I somehow thought Beautyblender would make full coverage look like I was wearing nothing at all. I was wrong.

However, when I stuck to my routine the Beautyblender became my friend. It takes all the effort out of blending.

I like to use the sponge wet. I put the make-up where I want it on my face and use the wet Beautyblender to blend by bouncing it over the make-up. Just bounce for a perfect blend. The pointed end is perfect for getting close to the eye and in the corners of the nose.

Then when you’re done use the cleanser, work to a foam, rinse and put back in the container to dry. Then it’s ready for next use.

I really like having the Beautyblender and so do celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, and Christina Aguilera,Beyonce, and Alicia Silverstone

Latex Free and recyclable. Yay!

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