Meet your new BFF: The Beautyblender

I have two pets: an eight-month-old white lab named Molly Thomas (named after my father-in-law, with whom she shares a birthday), and this funny little pink sponge.

No, it’s not THAT kind of sponge.

It’s called the Beautyblender, and it’s the single most ingenious, versatile tool in my beauty kit. Notice the spherical, egg-like shape. Now imagine how deftly that thing maneuvers around your face and all of its nooks and crannies. It’s like the Dyson of makeup sponges. I dampen it slightly to apply tinted moisturizer and foundation with a natural, sheer finish. I use the tip to dot powder over concealer, or to clean up eyeshadow smudges. The capabilities are endless, and I keep discovering them. I also appreciate that it’s not disposable, like drugstore cheapies. You simply give it a quick rinse with the accompanying cleanser and let it air-dry. Mine is still in perfect condition after almost a year. Now is the perfect time to nab one: Beautyblender is offering two for $28.95 at Why not split the set with a friend? That’s my kind of Valentine!

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