Beauty Blender Sponge

Sad to say but the streets of Manhattan are full of beautiful women who just don’t seem to know how to apply makeup. I’m no expert, but one thing I do know is that when you wear foundation, it should look seamless. I shouldn’t be able to see patches of different colored makeup or streaks and lines all over your face. The key to great makeup application is blending, and I’m happy to say that a product that I recently tried and will help with the foundation blending process (IMO it’s best  with use cream foundations) is the beauty blender. This egg-shaped sponge has been all the rave lately. Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedanovic  (who is a great makeup artist) uses it when he applies her makeup and I’ve been using it as well when I use my cream foundation. The egg shape of the product really makes hard to reach areas a breeze to reach. All you have to do is moisten the sponge, and apply your makeup  as normal and you’ll notice  a difference in how blended, and uniform your makeup looks.

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