Revolutionize your makeup application with Beautyblender

The slogan for Beautyblender, Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz’ ingenious creation, is “Modernize the Way You Make Up.” Though I can totally see what these two makeup geniuses mean, I must go to ‘revolutionize.’


A little bright pink elliptically shaped sponge with a suede-like texture, Beautyblender’s secret (and power) is embedded in its shape. The rounded curves help created a clean even finish while the pointy ends help reach those hard-to-reach places.

beauty-blender-+-cleanser Now, I really like to use cream or liquid foundation but constantly struggle with application. I have tried brushes (which I like but require constant cleaning in order to get a uniform application) and sponges galore and only found my true friend in BeautyBlender. The fact that you must wet the sponge a little before using to me is a plus as well, since it helps the foundation glide on the skin while diffusing it a little.

Another plus? This is not a ‘use and toss’ sponge. Just get your hands on Blendercleanser (or buy the duo!), an enviromentally friendly cleansing solution formulated especially for the Beautyblender.

Beautyblender is available for $20 at and select Drugstores nationwide.

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