It modernizes the form to make up with beautyblender!


The sponge of makeup with elliptic form that is devastating among the celebrities American, beautyblender, already we can obtain it in Spain.  Their creators, Defendant Ann Forest and Veronica Lorenz, two of the most prestigious make up artists of Hollywood, they thought up this original one beauty tool because they were not satisfied with the results obtained upon applying the makeup with the fingers or with the traditional sponges, since enough product was squandered and upon applying it remained lines in the face.  Thus with this infallible tool was possible to make up the most difficult zones with facility.

And the fact is that with beautyblender is obtained a finished professional and impeccable.  It is very smooth and that is adjusted perfectly to the contours of the face thanks to its elliptic form.  In this way the antiéstéticas they are avoided lines and lines that appear when we apply the makeup.  So that their use turn out to be more easy you utilizes the sharp zone for the areas of difficult access, like the contours of mouth, nose and eyes.  Splits it round is perfect to apply bases and rouges, and for the most extensive zones, like the front, the cheeks or the chin.

It can be utilized in dry, but better results are obtained if previously is dampened (what duplicates its size), and upon absorbing water does not suck so much makeup, with what enough product is saved and its application is simpler.  Besides, does not it contain latex, is inodora and hypoallergenic, and can be used with all kinds of makeups (base, corrector, dust, rouge, shadows, compact, mineral, etc.) even with autobronceadores and lotions.

And the question of the million ¿how itself clean? because one must keep in mind that the grease and the cutaneous filth remain adhered to the beautyblender.  So that remain impeccable and time last more utilizes blendercleanser, a cleaning one aromatizado with lavender, free of colors and irritating products.  It is a lightly soapy and soothing solution, formulated with soy, one of the moisturizing most powerful than is known.  Besides, it is ideal to clean all your brushes and paintbrushes of makeup.  If you take care of it adequate can last between four and six months.  You can find each product by separated or in comfortable packs in selective perfumeries and in 2art ¿why waits to do you already with your beautyblender?

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