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The Perfect Wedding Makeup

June 25, 2010

Looking for flawless makeup coverage on your destination wedding day? The experts who created Beauty Blender say they’ve got just the product for you. This makeup sponge allows for streak-free, easy application of foundation. If you’re a bride getting married in a tropical time zone, you might want to consider this product. The last thing you want on your big day is to have streaky, sweaty makeup.

Its unique shape, feminine color and included cleanser make the Beauty Blender top of the class in makeup sponges. It was created by professional makeup artists in an effort to allow women to get professional looking makeup application at home. While the blender may look weird and mysterious, it comes with detailed instructions for proper application. It’s also easy to pack and travel-size for the honeymooner or destination bride.

Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, who helped create the Beauty Blender, coined the phrase “modernize the way you makeup.” With the Beauty Blender’s egg-like shape it certainly looks modern. It is an elliptical-shaped sponge which prevents makeup lines or streaks on the skin. The narrower edge is phenomenal for applying product in those hard to reach places like around the nose and under the eyes.

Like all sponges, seeing the left over foundation or primer on the Beauty Blender after application can make you feel like some of the product is being wasted. However, when you use the cleanser you can see how little foundation is actually left on the sponge. One pump of cleanser and a little water wash away the makeup.

Having a clean applicator sponge not only insures even application, but aids in keeping your skin healthy. Not properly cleaning your makeup sponge allows for nasty bacteria to grow. This, in turn, winds up on your skin. A key to healthy and clear skin is clean skin. Therefore, the Beauty Blender has the added benefit of clean skin because of the included cleanser.

The cleanser can also be used for other make-up sponges. So, whatever look you’re trying to achieve, you can be sure that you will have a clean and easy way to apply your foundation.

The blender and cleanser duo starter pack sells for 35 dollars. This includes one sponge and a five oz bottle of cleanser. For us it seems a little pricey, but we’ll wait and see how long the cleanser lasts. The sponge is said to last three months if it’s cleaned properly. You can also buy both the blender sponge and cleanser individually.

A cool thing about Beauty Blender is that if you send the sponge back to the manufacturers they will recycle it for you. This can give you eco-conscious brides some peace of mind.

The makeup artists at Beauty Blender claim many celebrities as clients. To learn more about this product, who uses it and what awards it has won visit the official Web site.

*Note: Beauty Blender was kind enough to send us a sample of the product free of chrage in order to review it for this blog.
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The Chic Secrets of the Beautyblender

June 21, 2010
I must admit, I’m smiling as I write this post… As a blogger I’m afforded the opportunity to review an array of beauty products on the market.
Many are my favorites and some, well…. we’ll just stick with my faves! *Tee-Hee*
Anyhoo, it’s every now and then I discover that special “beauty gem” that makes it’s rounds in my beauty bag and NEVER leaves…. The Beautyblender has found it’s way into my heart as well as my beauty bag.The pink little sponge delivers as promised and is certain to make make up aficionados like myself smile.

I’m a foundation brush kind of girl… It’s almost been my application tool of choice since being introduced to me by make up extraordinare, Mr. Kevyn Aucoin himself… I still miss him! Kevin swore by a foundation brush for precise application and blending. He never told me that I’d have to clean my brushes almost daily and purchase brush cleaner by the gallon! lol!!

Fast forward and my life is blissful & happy again… Beautyblender sashayed it’s fabulous way into my life and my foundation brush is taking a much needed vacay! The pink egg shaped wonder is super easy and allows beautynistas to apply flawless foundation in half the time of regular sponges and brushes.
The Dish….
  • You can use the beautyblender dry or wet…I prefer to dampen it a little for ultimate control while blending.
  • After a little water, the sponge triples in size….
  • Apply your favorite foundation and start bouncing your way to a perfect face!
  • The beautyblender is a must have for areas around the nose, under the eyes and the hairline area.
  • No worries about leaving more make up on the sponge, than your face… The absorbent sponge allows you to evenly apply your foundation without the build-up often left on your sponge.
  • Bid farewell to streaks, uneven applications and your OLD make up sponge!!
Cleaning is a breeze as well, a few dollops of water the accompanied with the Blendercleanser and you’re done. The package even contains a pedestal that makes the drying process painless. Hygiene is a must when it comes to keeping your skin clean and healthy…so not a bad idea huh??
  • Apply a dime sized amount of Beautycleanser to the soiled areas of your Beautyblender
  • Work into a lather, rinse and repeat f necessary
  • Squeeze to remove excess water
  • Place in the pedestal to dry and you’re done!
Available at or head on over to Sephora…..
Go’ head, you’ll thank me later!
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Beauty Buzz

June 16, 2010
Before you blame your foundation for the streaky mismatch, give this a try. The beautyblender makeup sponge matches the contours of your face, making makeup application a totally different experience. Who knew what we were missing?

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Blotches Be Gone

June 11, 2010

Use a foundation brush or a damp sponge to apply a semi-matte foundation all over your face. (Gerstein loves the Beauty Blender Sponge, $18 because its rounded edges give a seamless finish — plus it’s reusable.) “Make sure to test your foundation color in natural daylight to make sure you have a perfect match,” she says.

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