Beauty Queen Gift Guide

It’s easy to classify someone as a beauty queen (or junkie) –we’re everywhere! However it’s not always easy to find the perfect gift for us, especially since we’re so picky. Here are some recommendations to help you get a little more creative this holiday season.

2. BeautyBlender Holiday Set ($23.95) – This set contains a BeautyBlender sponge and BlenderCleanser bundled a red pouch, ready for the holidays. I was originally turned onto the BeautyBlender sponge by celebrity makeup artist, Jackie Gomez. She raved about it in a class I attended –how great the shape of the sponge was for applying makeup to the contours of your face, how it could be used wet or dry, and that it is very durable and long lasting. This set also includes BlenderCleanser, a lightly lavender-scented cleanser that’s free of dyes and skin irritants. It not only works great with the sponge but also as a cleaner for my makeup brushes. I apply a small amount to my sponge after application, rub it in under water, then leave it out to dry on my sink and it’s as good as new by the next time I need it.


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