Beauty Blender
Well this is the famous pink espoja say they use the famous makeup.

Was released months ago as an entirely new product which was not only valid for the foundation, but also said was used to color correction, illuminating …

It consists of a pink egg made of a soft material (like sponges, always, but different, does not latex). Created by Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, two of the most famous make up artists in Hollywood.

Used putting it in water and pressed it well, (increases in volume) so that is moist and the absorption of the product is low. Applies to pat all over face, down slightly, carefully, without dragging in the case of the foundation. I have to say to his credit, he is well diffused, without the annoying lines that often leave the traditional brush or sponge.
I find it very comfortable and the finish that makes it good.
I also used to apply the concealer. Both granite and dark circles, use the pick and press lightly and finish I like.
To apply shadows, like I do not see. And the blush, I have not tried it, so I can not give my opinion.

Say the duration is usually three months, but I have it for nine, but of course, nor do I put on makeup every day or whenever I use makeup.
Although I gave it to me, the price is 20 euros. Expensive, yes, to be a sponge, but its use is very comfortable and the result is good.
To wash, ideally cleansing gel may buy (another 20 euros) if you going to use a lot. I did not buy it but it’s really good. It smells of lavender and wherever touches the sponge is clean instantly, which does not happen with baby soft gel is what I wash it. As you can see in the picture, the base of the egg is darker and not because it is dirty but because it is stained and makeup. I imagine that the gel will not pass this mark.

It is definitely a good tool to facilitate the application of makeup. I buy it or not, depends on the economy of each, but if you really want and not want to release the eurillos, we can always take advantage birthday or kings that tickled us.

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