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The Preferred Beauty Tool

January 26, 2011


In matter ‘makeup’ there are thousands of techniques and tricks that each which diffuses according to their criterion going crazy to hordes of women that are faced to the delicate task of putting a little color to the life.  Some they opt for the brush because product is saved, other they opt for the fingers that come us from factory because with them can arrive at any corner of the face, and other, prefer the sponges of latex, since its finished is more uniform.

Each system has its pros and its contras, in the case of the sponges of latex, in spite of the fact that they are clean and practical, with them a lot of product is spent since absorbs a good part of the base.  And then she arrived.  The new revolution in matter makeup arrives from the hand of Beautyblender, a sponge aplicadora natural, without latex, inodora and hypoallergenic, of ergonomic and elliptic form that assures a finished impeccable.

Arose of the hand of two prestigious makeup artist of Hollywood:  Defendant Ann Forest and Veronica Lorenz, nonconformist with the results that obtained with the habitual techniques and by the excessive quantity of makeup that was spent in each session.  They wanted somewhat new, infallible, that arrived at each corner, that adapted to each angle of the face, to the most difficult zones with sum facility, that left the uniform complexion and the makeup to light up fresh and luminous.  And they obtained it.

Beautyblender serves for any type of makeup: fluids, in dust, compact, mineral, in stick… but also to apply corrector in bags under the eyes and problematic zones, rouges in cream, shadows… is versatile and very practical.

But to achieve the better results, one must continue its simple system of utilization: is dampened the sponge with clean water, thus increases in size and does not absorb so much quantity of product, and goes applying gently by means of small taps for all the face, always from inside toward was, or what is the same thing, since the center of the face toward the edges, the makeup every base idea It is to unify the tone, to cover imperfections and to contribute brightness, therefore, the central zone of the face is the one that should remain perfected.

The sharp part is thought for zones of difficult access as eyes, nose and contour of the mouth, and the round one, for the largest areas (front, cheeks and chin).  They recommend to maintain the sponge Beautyblender clean and free of the greases that are used to having the products of makeup, for which one must clean it frequently so that time in perfect state last us more.  The most it recommended product is the one that includes the pack, a soapy soothing solution with lavender and soy that also serves us to clean other tools of makeup as the brushes and paintbrushes.

A tip to remove the maximum parted to the Beautyblender: applies the rouge with it splits round.  It impregnates the sponge with the product in small quantities, sonríe set against the mirror and you place it with small taps until the cheek goes catching color, a very natural form that assures expensive good effect in cerocoma.


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In the Pink

January 23, 2011

Rea Ann Silva, entrepreneur and prominent professional makeup artist, is the Los Angeles-based creator of BeautyBlender (, the hot fuchsia-pink, egg-shaped, edgeless sponge that changed how the world puts on makeup.

“I was a combination of naïve and persistent,” she says. “I had gotten a lot of very disappointing advice in the beginning. Lots of naysayers teasing me, saying, ‘Yeah sure, see you back on the set in ten years.’ Luckily, I ignored it all.”

Silva’s BeautyBlender won Best of Beauty from ALLURE magazine two years in a row, proving that the product was not just a trend item, but a credible tool.

Because the sponge is a rounded, three-dimensional oval, it’s superior to wedges or fingers for smoothing on foundation, concealer, blush and all the rest flawlessly. It’s brilliantly packaged with BlenderCleanser, a lavender-botanical wash to keep the sponge immaculate. The packaging even doubles as a platform for air-drying the sponge.

The applicator is “non-disposable”, meaning it will last for many, many uses. To keep spent sponges out of the world’s landfills, Silva encourages customers to send them back to her for mass-recycling when they do eventually give up their teeny, tiny, spongy-pink egg-shaped ghosts.

Silva and her creative team did makeup for hundreds of music videos before she broke into film, and before she laid this golden egg, figuratively speaking. She says that she had a few “unwitting mentors”, including Sean “Diddy” Combs, who was her client for 12 years. From an executive search firm perspective, his secret may now be hers as well—and may be inspiring to job-seekers in Southern California and beyond: “Laser-focus, and complete disregard for the word ‘no’.”

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Next Generation Pink Egg

January 22, 2011


It modernizes your way to make up

This fuchsia rose egg is called Beautyblender, BB for the friends.  BB, that is an American sponge, assures to leave the aspect of a film star provided that later you do not make up the eyes as Carmen of Mairena, good that does not say it, but we imagine it us, ¿truth?.  It created by a makeup artist of Hollywood, already has been utilized for multitude of celebrities of the movies and the television.

The trick for a marvelous skin is a good one blurred, and that is what BB obtains, without marks of courts and with a finished in the perfect skin.  Besides does not it spend as much makeup as any another conventional sponge by contain not latex, avoiding allergies in transit.  It manages to arrive at the difficult holes thanks to its elliptic form and a finished in egg-tip.  And is not only for the bases of any texture, this egg off-road vehicle is ideal also for the mineral makeups, the correctors and the application of the rouge.

BB has its own gel of egg Blendercleanser (what charm, with complements as the Barbie) for its cleaning after each use, is done non-alcoholic and is a good option because can also be used to wash the brushes of makeup.

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in the pink: my surprising life as an entrepreneur

January 7, 2011

Dermalogica Industry Insider Member and Celebrity Makeup Artist, Rea Ann Silva Shares Her Entrepreneurial Journey

After 20 years in the beauty industry, never in my wildest dreams did I think that a fuchsia-pink,  non-disposal, egg-shaped, edgeless, seamless makeup sponge would be my claim to fame. Which just proves that being an entrepreneur is full of surprises.

Four years ago, I created the Beautyblender, which is the makeup sponge I describe above. I got the idea for purely selfish reasons. As a professional makeup artist, I was sitting with my team in a trailer on the Paramount back lot in Hollywood, while HD TV was making quite a buzz within the industry. I was posed with an even bigger challenge than ever before; not only was I responsible for making people look their best on camera—now they needed to be HD-ready with flawless skin for those close-up and personal moments.

Then, there I was, cutting up makeup sponges into shapes we could use, something that every makeup artist did. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I’d much rather be having donuts and coffee with my girls than cutting up sponges.

So, Beautyblender was born—a superior makeup applicator that is a “must” for those in the industry who are HD-Ready pros. But its success rests with everyday women. They love it because the perfect egg-shape makes it easy to apply everything from foundation, concealer and other products with no streaks or seams. They also love the fact that you don’t have to throw it away after just a few uses. Blendercleanser, the lavender-based cleanser for the sponge, reduces bacterial action and keeps junk out of our landfills, because the sponge may be used many, many times. Even the packaging is dual-use—it’s a pedestal where the freshly washed sponge can be further sanitized by oxygen and sunlight. And, when the well-used sponge has finally given up its little hot-pink, egg-shaped sponge-soul after many, many successful makeups, I urge people to send the worn-out product back to my company, where we recycle them en masse.

Lots of people think that they are “secretly” meant to be entrepreneurs, mostly because they’re bored with their day-jobs. This is like people who say they are “really” artists or writers.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I will say that there are sacrifices required. Time away from my family has been a huge investment, because I continued to work as a professional makeup artist so that I could get my sponge on the radar of the entertainment media.

The other qualities you need as an entrepreneur are persistence and focus. I was a bit naïve in the beginning, but I was also very patient. The key is not to get flustered to the point of defeat.

There were plenty of naysayers who did not take my idea seriously. At all. I got some very disappointing initial advice. If I had listened, I would still be sitting in the trailer, cutting up sponges, and wishing for a donut and coffee.

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