Next Generation Pink Egg


It modernizes your way to make up

This fuchsia rose egg is called Beautyblender, BB for the friends.  BB, that is an American sponge, assures to leave the aspect of a film star provided that later you do not make up the eyes as Carmen of Mairena, good that does not say it, but we imagine it us, ¿truth?.  It created by a makeup artist of Hollywood, already has been utilized for multitude of celebrities of the movies and the television.

The trick for a marvelous skin is a good one blurred, and that is what BB obtains, without marks of courts and with a finished in the perfect skin.  Besides does not it spend as much makeup as any another conventional sponge by contain not latex, avoiding allergies in transit.  It manages to arrive at the difficult holes thanks to its elliptic form and a finished in egg-tip.  And is not only for the bases of any texture, this egg off-road vehicle is ideal also for the mineral makeups, the correctors and the application of the rouge.

BB has its own gel of egg Blendercleanser (what charm, with complements as the Barbie) for its cleaning after each use, is done non-alcoholic and is a good option because can also be used to wash the brushes of makeup.

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