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In matter ‘makeup’ there are thousands of techniques and tricks that each which diffuses according to their criterion going crazy to hordes of women that are faced to the delicate task of putting a little color to the life.  Some they opt for the brush because product is saved, other they opt for the fingers that come us from factory because with them can arrive at any corner of the face, and other, prefer the sponges of latex, since its finished is more uniform.

Each system has its pros and its contras, in the case of the sponges of latex, in spite of the fact that they are clean and practical, with them a lot of product is spent since absorbs a good part of the base.  And then she arrived.  The new revolution in matter makeup arrives from the hand of Beautyblender, a sponge aplicadora natural, without latex, inodora and hypoallergenic, of ergonomic and elliptic form that assures a finished impeccable.

Arose of the hand of two prestigious makeup artist of Hollywood:  Defendant Ann Forest and Veronica Lorenz, nonconformist with the results that obtained with the habitual techniques and by the excessive quantity of makeup that was spent in each session.  They wanted somewhat new, infallible, that arrived at each corner, that adapted to each angle of the face, to the most difficult zones with sum facility, that left the uniform complexion and the makeup to light up fresh and luminous.  And they obtained it.

Beautyblender serves for any type of makeup: fluids, in dust, compact, mineral, in stick… but also to apply corrector in bags under the eyes and problematic zones, rouges in cream, shadows… is versatile and very practical.

But to achieve the better results, one must continue its simple system of utilization: is dampened the sponge with clean water, thus increases in size and does not absorb so much quantity of product, and goes applying gently by means of small taps for all the face, always from inside toward was, or what is the same thing, since the center of the face toward the edges, the makeup every base idea It is to unify the tone, to cover imperfections and to contribute brightness, therefore, the central zone of the face is the one that should remain perfected.

The sharp part is thought for zones of difficult access as eyes, nose and contour of the mouth, and the round one, for the largest areas (front, cheeks and chin).  They recommend to maintain the sponge Beautyblender clean and free of the greases that are used to having the products of makeup, for which one must clean it frequently so that time in perfect state last us more.  The most it recommended product is the one that includes the pack, a soapy soothing solution with lavender and soy that also serves us to clean other tools of makeup as the brushes and paintbrushes.

A tip to remove the maximum parted to the Beautyblender: applies the rouge with it splits round.  It impregnates the sponge with the product in small quantities, sonríe set against the mirror and you place it with small taps until the cheek goes catching color, a very natural form that assures expensive good effect in cerocoma.


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