Beautyblender your makeup perfect.


Tuesday February 1, 2011
Beautyblender your makeup perfect.
Hi all!

If there is something I like about cosmetics is that it is common to find products that surprise you.
And this is what happened to me Beautyblender.Algunas sure you’ve heard of it, because it is sold for some time in Spain.
If I tell you it’s pink egg-shaped, with a plastic stand to air dry after washing with your own solution lavanda.Se happen you think it is a sponge to apply makeup?

Let’s see, in order … I present to Beautyblender!


This makeup sponge has caused a furor in the U.S. and half the world, and has become indispensable among the best makeup artists, being hailed by millions of consumidoras.Además have garnered multiple awards cosmetics.

But why the success of Beautyblender?

Well I tell you, this sponge contains no edges, is a “perfect egg” that can apply makeup evenly and professionally finished.
Can be used with all types of makeup: fluid, compact, mineral, plus colorete.Su sharp end is used to apply concealer and allows dramatic results in eye shadows.
And is that your creative Rea Ann Silva, professional makeup artist with 20 years experience in the fashion world, and responsible for most popular magazine covers, she was tired of not finding the perfect tool to make up, so that created it same.

What Beautyblender hides more secrets?

Does not contain latex, and is odorless and hypoallergenic.
It can be used wet or dry but you get better results if you have been previously soaked, increased by 2 times its volume.
Its pedestal is the perfect place to dry outdoors … (no comment).
And you can use it to apply self-tanners and sunscreens without leaving streaks or stripes.
In addition to not waste product Beautyblender as with other sponges, just take the amount needed.

If you want this sponge lasts 4 to 6 months you should clean up after him for that you … utilizarla.Y Blendercleanser.

Just press lightly on top of the applicator sponge and massage with a little water to make foam, and then rinse with water.

This cleanser formulated with soy and vegetable flavored with lavender, will your perfect sponge and a delicate fragrance … We are giving me I want to use it as a tonic jejejeje.
You can try it for the rest of your brushes or brushes.
After cleaning, it is best to air dry in plastic pedestal.

As you can see this sponge could not be more spoiled, pedestal and soybean cleaning solution …

You might be wondering the sponge precio.La costs 19 € and cleaner € 19.50
There are kits to buy everything for a lower price, as the starter kit.

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