Seamless Finish: BeautyBlender

Heidi Lee -Baltimore Makeup Examiner

All makeup users have gone through similar woes when they apply their foundation: splotchy, uneven coverage left by conventional makeup sponges and streaky, mask-like finishes from foundation brushes. My own frustration with foundation application ended when I started using the Beauty Blender as it provides a seamless foundation finish and even coverage. Resembling a gaudy Easter egg, the Beauty Blender looks like a peculiar and outlandish little work of art as it rests in its cylindrical pedestal. The Beauty Blender’s tapered shape gives precise application on all areas of the face including the nose and mouth. The trick to achieving the ideal finish with the Beauty Blender is to use it damp. After running the Beauty Blender under the sink and squeezing out all the excess water, it has already expanded up to twice its size. It dampness left in the Beauty Blender not only inhibits the product from absorbing immediately into the sponge, but also prevents streaks and smudge. The result? A soft-focus, airbrushed finish. It is essential that you DO NOT drag the product over your face with the sponge. The Beauty Blender is designed for the “stippling” technique, which is a gentle bouncing or dabbing motion. Its unconventional three-dimensional structure is ideal for the stippling technique, allowing makeup artists and lovers free range with their favorite makeup products.

One of the many wonderful things about the Beauty Blender is that it is reusable for up to three or four months. Make sure to wash your Beauty Blender thoroughly after each use. The cleanser provided by Beauty Blender does a good job in removing the leftover product, but an ordinary foaming face wash works just as beautifully. Keep the packaging that comes with the product. After washing, place the Beauty Blender on top of its pedestal to dry.

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