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April 25, 2011


Rough translation from spanish:

A sponge to apply makeup so wake up and raise expectations so much passion I find it quite surprising.
Pink egg-shaped and appears to be much more than a sponge original design.
Beautyblender who have tried and can not do without it, they haveexpressed some celebrities and makeup artists causing great anger in the U.S..

It was created by two of Hollywood makeup artists Rea Ann Silva andVeronica Lorenz, focusing on the idea that a good makeup is achieved witha perfect fade.
Its effect is applied with an airbrush makeup, giving good coverage butwithout seeming dense, allowing to spread the foundation evenly.
Its price is around 20 euros and in Spain is for sale If perfume chain.
The price seems a little excessive but they are so good the results can be worthwhile.
It is completely odorless and hypoallergenic.
Can be used dry or wet, aumentandando 2 times its size.
Its pointed tip applicator serves not only as the correction but also for eyeshadow.
Can be used with all types of makeup including mineral makeup loosepowder.

I would like to know your opinion as to whether it is worth.
Do you know the Beauty Blender? “Have you tried?
Would you have recommended?

Besos: Blair

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Hollywood Life

April 23, 2011

Pink Goes Barefoot In Pastel-Colored Beauty! Here’s How You Can, Too!

Pink painted her toes a cheerful pastel blue! Check out our gallery for more pastel-colored beauty buys!

Pink, 31, was walking around barefoot in Malibu’s market on April 17 — take some time out this weekend to relax, unwind and paint your toes a pretty pastel hue!

If you dare to go bare, you need to take special precautions on your grooming! With new innovations in skincare and personal grooming, there’s a wider variety ofpastel colors available than ever before.

Beauty guru Blair Fowler tells us that pastels are a great way to experiment with different colors. “They’re not bright colors, so it’s an easy way to ease into using them.”

Blair gives us tips on wearing pastels on your nails! “If you’re feeling daring, wait for that to dry before using a tooth pick or teeny paint brush to polka dot your nails a different pastel color.”

Also, using two light colors doesn’t look as in-your-face as brights would. “I like using baby pink as a base, and yellow polka dots!”

You can shower with pretty floral scents and paint your nails a bubble-gum pink! Check out the gallery of our favorite pastel-colored beauty!

Sprinkle your life this weekend with these pastel-colored beauties!

–Amanda Chen

Beauty Blender, $19.95

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Maniac Exchange

April 20, 2011

Beautyblender- The Future of Makeup Application

What’s hot pink… velvety to the touch… constantly in the hands of celebrity makeup artists… AND looks great in an Easter basket? Voilà! It’s beautyblender®, the innovative new way to apply makeup, and it’s bouncing its way from backstage at New York Fashion Week to the vanities of chic women across the globe. Developed by Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, beautyblender® is an affordable, easy-to-use option for flawless foundation, blush or concealer application.

There were many reasons behind its creation, namely the need for a fast and professional blending tool. Let’s face it, airbrushing can be a costly, high-maintenance hassle that requires training; many foundation brushes cost over $30 and may leave streaks; triangular foam sponges can’t seem to fit the tiny contours surrounding nose and eyes. Beautyblender® is the answer to all of these woes and then some. Its soft shape leaves no detectable lines of demarcation and perfectly hugs the narrow curves of your visage. It’s latex-free, washable, ergonomic and has its own recycling program. It can be used damp or dry, and has two ends for multiple uses:

1. You can “bounce” (stipple) the round end over wider areas of the face to apply foundation or blush seamlessly.
2. Acne-sufferers, are you driving yourselves mad trying to cover those blemishes? Stop stressing and use beautyblender®’s pointed end in a press ‘n twist motion to evenly distribute makeup over the pesky red bumps.
3. You can press and roll the pointed end along the under eye area for an immaculate concealer application.
3. If you’re the kind of gal who likes to spread foundation on with your fingers, by all means continue. Think of beautyblender® as your “re-touching” tool, and use it to clean up and, as the tagline reads, “blend your way to a flawless face!”

Beautyblender®   is available for  $19.95 at Sephora or

By Katherine Reel

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April 14, 2011

Afro-Latina Beauty Week: A Perfect Foundation Match for your Skin Tone!
By Kate Sandoval

On our fourth day of Afro-Latina beauty week, we’re tackling one of the biggest complaints we hear: Why can’t I find a foundation made for my skin color?!

So often foundations made for darker skin tones look too red on Afro-Latinas, and the foundations made for lighter skin tones look too gray or yellow. Because Afro-Latinas can have olive, red, or golden undertones (like our model Christina Milian), it can be extra difficult to find the perfect shade, says makeup artist Jackie Gomez. No wonder so many of us out there feel frustrated!

Luckily, Jackie has a secret: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Pro ($32,, which is a formula that combines olive, red, and golden pigments so it matches your complexion no matter what undertone you have. “It’s the only foundation I use when I work with Zoe Saldana, Beyonce, or Chanel Iman,” Jackie says. Shade numbers 5 to 7 work well on medium-dark and olive skin while shades 8 through 12 look great on dark skin with golden or red tones.

The foundation comes in a tiny tube, but it lasts forever, especially if you apply it with a slightly damp sponge (Jackie prefers the Beauty Blender, $19.95, Happy blending!

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Corinna B’s World

April 12, 2011

The Beauty Blender


I’ve been doing loads of really cool editorial shoots lately, and have been using some really fun makeup and tools on them, and got to thinking you might find the things I obsess about interesting too. As such I’m going to do some posts about some of them.

First up, the ultimate blending tool, the Beauty Blender.

This one has actually been around for a while now, but is so fabulous it needs discussing!
Designed by celebrity makeup artist Ree Ann Silva as a means to create a completey seemless, flawless finish, this has become my favorite way to not only apply foundation but also cream blush.

Beauty Blenders are latex free, non allergenic and odor free. The elliptical shape fits easily in your hand, and enables you to bounce (or stipple) foundation onto the skin, creating a flawless finish with no streaking or wiping. The narrow end gets into hard to reach places, while the wider end bounces and rolls product across the broader planes of the face.

If you are a cream blush fanatic (like me) you can bounce the product over the cheek bone, and get the most beautiful finish to the skin. Beauty Blender presses product into the skin, so you don’t have that cakey layer of makeup sitting on the surface of the skin. Everything looks seemless and beautiful.

If you run with the eco-friendly crowd you’ll love these too, as you don’t throw them away. They come with a cleanser, and you just wash them in between uses.


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April 11, 2011
Beautyblender Travel Kit
This makeup applicator sponge was created by Hollywood makeup artist, Rea Ann Silva. It’s specifically made to give you a top-notch makeup application without needing a professional artist. The Beautyblender is a unique-shaped sponge that allows you to access hard-to-reach spots for a completely flawless look. The Blendercleanser keeps your sponge clean in between applications. Its earth-friendly formula and light lavender scent will make you want to clean your sponge religiously. We’re giving away five travel sized bottles of the Blendercleanser and a Beautyblender sponge housed in a pretty organza bag so you can take your “blender” goodies everywhere!

Learn more about Beautyblender Travel Kit.


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Must-Have Beauty Products From ‘Dancing With The Stars’!

April 7, 2011

The head makeup artist for Dancing With the Stars tells us her favorite products for showtime!

Melanie Mills, spokesperson for Anastasia Beverly Hills and Head Makeup Artist for Dancing with the Stars, tell us about the products that the show’s stars can’t live without!The makeup for the show is so crucial– it has to have staying power, since Melanie says “we’re applying this stuff at 8 AM and they go on at 5 PM.” And everyone gets made up, including the guys! “With all the powerful lights there has to be some makeup and powder to knock down shine.”

Here are some of Melanie’s can’t-live-without products:

St. Tropez: “One of the key things we do with makeup for the show is tanning. I developed a color with St. Tropez because a lot of other brands weren’t working. The first step for getting our cast ready for the week is a spray tan on Sunday, for a nice, even finish. On show day, they get another layer of tan applied with a sponge.”

Gleam by Melanie Mills: “I came up with a product called Gleam by Melanie Mills– it’s a fabulous concoction that makes bodies look velvety, luscious, and dewy. Nobody wants to go on without the Gleam, because when you don’t have it you look flat!”

beautyblender: “A lot of people ask if we airbrush on foundation. I believe in the opposite: I feel like airbrush sits on top of skin and doesn’t become one with the skin, so I like to use liquid and cream foundation. A staple we don’t live without is the beautyblender, a reusable sponge that you wet. I think using this to blend it in is why the foundation looks so flawless.”

Anastasia Brow Products: “Another super key point for the show is beautiful eyebrows. I work with Anastasia, and all of their brow stuff is amazing– really, really great.” Melanie explains that Kendra Wilkinson has difficult eyebrows because, as a child, a friend accidentally shaved off her eyebrows trying to make her up. “She says no one has done them like I have— it takes me fifteen minutes, and I use a combination of products like the Brow Wiz and Tinted Brow Gel.”

Anastasia Eye Shadow: “Anastasia has come out with gorgeous cosmetics and skincare. I absolutely love their entire beauty line: it’s super high quality, and the colors are highly pigmented and good to work with and blend.”

Angel’s Makeup Collagen Pads: “These are little miracles. I’ve gone through so many eye collagen pads, I can’t even tell you. I use them on the whole cast– even the guys– and put them under their eyes while doing their makeup. When you peel them off, it’s crazy. They’re the best, as far as I’m concerned. They’re not cheap, but the results last 2-4 days.”

Ardell Lashes: “Eyelashes are crazy important– nobody goes on without eyelashes, whether it’s a box of individuals or 2-4 strips. I give Wendy Williams 4 pairs of lashes, because she’s got big gorgeous eyes and they can take it. Our favorite are Ardell, which are the best out there.”

–Allie Jordan


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Why You NEED the Beauty Blender Sponge

April 6, 2011

If you don’t have the Beauty Blender makeup sponge yet, go ahead and order one now. Just trust me on this. I would never steer you wrong. I’ll wait.

Okay, if you STILL haven’t bought one (I told you I’d wait), here’s why you should:

I have used cosmetic sponges before, but this is a whole ‘notha level. This cute, little pink thing is made out of super-spongy material that somehow manages to give me a flawless foundation application every single time. No streaks and no areas with too much makeup or too little.

You can use it with liquid or pancake foundation (I use either, depending on my mood). The wide part can be used to apply foundation onto your cheeks, forehead and chin, and the tapered end helps you smooth the foundation into smaller areas (like around your nose, brow and eyes).

You can also wet it slightly to get a lighter coverage. I use the Beauty Blender cleanser to clean it often (I use the cleanser for my makeup brushes too). I’ve had the Beauty Blender sponge for over a year and it hasn’t lost its shape or had any nicks or dings. I bring it with me everywhere, and even tossed into a makeup bag, it holds up well.


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