Why You NEED the Beauty Blender Sponge

If you don’t have the Beauty Blender makeup sponge yet, go ahead and order one now. Just trust me on this. I would never steer you wrong. I’ll wait.

Okay, if you STILL haven’t bought one (I told you I’d wait), here’s why you should:

I have used cosmetic sponges before, but this is a whole ‘notha level. This cute, little pink thing is made out of super-spongy material that somehow manages to give me a flawless foundation application every single time. No streaks and no areas with too much makeup or too little.

You can use it with liquid or pancake foundation (I use either, depending on my mood). The wide part can be used to apply foundation onto your cheeks, forehead and chin, and the tapered end helps you smooth the foundation into smaller areas (like around your nose, brow and eyes).

You can also wet it slightly to get a lighter coverage. I use the Beauty Blender cleanser to clean it often (I use the cleanser for my makeup brushes too). I’ve had the Beauty Blender sponge for over a year and it hasn’t lost its shape or had any nicks or dings. I bring it with me everywhere, and even tossed into a makeup bag, it holds up well.


Original blog entry: http://www.mybeautybunny.com/2011/04/why-you-need-the-beauty-blender-sponge/

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