Must-Have Beauty Products From ‘Dancing With The Stars’!

The head makeup artist for Dancing With the Stars tells us her favorite products for showtime!

Melanie Mills, spokesperson for Anastasia Beverly Hills and Head Makeup Artist for Dancing with the Stars, tell us about the products that the show’s stars can’t live without!The makeup for the show is so crucial– it has to have staying power, since Melanie says “we’re applying this stuff at 8 AM and they go on at 5 PM.” And everyone gets made up, including the guys! “With all the powerful lights there has to be some makeup and powder to knock down shine.”

Here are some of Melanie’s can’t-live-without products:

St. Tropez: “One of the key things we do with makeup for the show is tanning. I developed a color with St. Tropez because a lot of other brands weren’t working. The first step for getting our cast ready for the week is a spray tan on Sunday, for a nice, even finish. On show day, they get another layer of tan applied with a sponge.”

Gleam by Melanie Mills: “I came up with a product called Gleam by Melanie Mills– it’s a fabulous concoction that makes bodies look velvety, luscious, and dewy. Nobody wants to go on without the Gleam, because when you don’t have it you look flat!”

beautyblender: “A lot of people ask if we airbrush on foundation. I believe in the opposite: I feel like airbrush sits on top of skin and doesn’t become one with the skin, so I like to use liquid and cream foundation. A staple we don’t live without is the beautyblender, a reusable sponge that you wet. I think using this to blend it in is why the foundation looks so flawless.”

Anastasia Brow Products: “Another super key point for the show is beautiful eyebrows. I work with Anastasia, and all of their brow stuff is amazing– really, really great.” Melanie explains that Kendra Wilkinson has difficult eyebrows because, as a child, a friend accidentally shaved off her eyebrows trying to make her up. “She says no one has done them like I have— it takes me fifteen minutes, and I use a combination of products like the Brow Wiz and Tinted Brow Gel.”

Anastasia Eye Shadow: “Anastasia has come out with gorgeous cosmetics and skincare. I absolutely love their entire beauty line: it’s super high quality, and the colors are highly pigmented and good to work with and blend.”

Angel’s Makeup Collagen Pads: “These are little miracles. I’ve gone through so many eye collagen pads, I can’t even tell you. I use them on the whole cast– even the guys– and put them under their eyes while doing their makeup. When you peel them off, it’s crazy. They’re the best, as far as I’m concerned. They’re not cheap, but the results last 2-4 days.”

Ardell Lashes: “Eyelashes are crazy important– nobody goes on without eyelashes, whether it’s a box of individuals or 2-4 strips. I give Wendy Williams 4 pairs of lashes, because she’s got big gorgeous eyes and they can take it. Our favorite are Ardell, which are the best out there.”

–Allie Jordan


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