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The Beauty Blender


I’ve been doing loads of really cool editorial shoots lately, and have been using some really fun makeup and tools on them, and got to thinking you might find the things I obsess about interesting too. As such I’m going to do some posts about some of them.

First up, the ultimate blending tool, the Beauty Blender.

This one has actually been around for a while now, but is so fabulous it needs discussing!
Designed by celebrity makeup artist Ree Ann Silva as a means to create a completey seemless, flawless finish, this has become my favorite way to not only apply foundation but also cream blush.

Beauty Blenders are latex free, non allergenic and odor free. The elliptical shape fits easily in your hand, and enables you to bounce (or stipple) foundation onto the skin, creating a flawless finish with no streaking or wiping. The narrow end gets into hard to reach places, while the wider end bounces and rolls product across the broader planes of the face.

If you are a cream blush fanatic (like me) you can bounce the product over the cheek bone, and get the most beautiful finish to the skin. Beauty Blender presses product into the skin, so you don’t have that cakey layer of makeup sitting on the surface of the skin. Everything looks seemless and beautiful.

If you run with the eco-friendly crowd you’ll love these too, as you don’t throw them away. They come with a cleanser, and you just wash them in between uses.


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