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Beautyblender- The Future of Makeup Application

What’s hot pink… velvety to the touch… constantly in the hands of celebrity makeup artists… AND looks great in an Easter basket? Voilà! It’s beautyblender®, the innovative new way to apply makeup, and it’s bouncing its way from backstage at New York Fashion Week to the vanities of chic women across the globe. Developed by Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, beautyblender® is an affordable, easy-to-use option for flawless foundation, blush or concealer application.

There were many reasons behind its creation, namely the need for a fast and professional blending tool. Let’s face it, airbrushing can be a costly, high-maintenance hassle that requires training; many foundation brushes cost over $30 and may leave streaks; triangular foam sponges can’t seem to fit the tiny contours surrounding nose and eyes. Beautyblender® is the answer to all of these woes and then some. Its soft shape leaves no detectable lines of demarcation and perfectly hugs the narrow curves of your visage. It’s latex-free, washable, ergonomic and has its own recycling program. It can be used damp or dry, and has two ends for multiple uses:

1. You can “bounce” (stipple) the round end over wider areas of the face to apply foundation or blush seamlessly.
2. Acne-sufferers, are you driving yourselves mad trying to cover those blemishes? Stop stressing and use beautyblender®’s pointed end in a press ‘n twist motion to evenly distribute makeup over the pesky red bumps.
3. You can press and roll the pointed end along the under eye area for an immaculate concealer application.
3. If you’re the kind of gal who likes to spread foundation on with your fingers, by all means continue. Think of beautyblender® as your “re-touching” tool, and use it to clean up and, as the tagline reads, “blend your way to a flawless face!”

Beautyblender®   is available for  $19.95 at Sephora or

By Katherine Reel

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