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Pink Goes Barefoot In Pastel-Colored Beauty! Here’s How You Can, Too!

Pink painted her toes a cheerful pastel blue! Check out our gallery for more pastel-colored beauty buys!

Pink, 31, was walking around barefoot in Malibu’s market on April 17 — take some time out this weekend to relax, unwind and paint your toes a pretty pastel hue!

If you dare to go bare, you need to take special precautions on your grooming! With new innovations in skincare and personal grooming, there’s a wider variety ofpastel colors available than ever before.

Beauty guru Blair Fowler tells us that pastels are a great way to experiment with different colors. “They’re not bright colors, so it’s an easy way to ease into using them.”

Blair gives us tips on wearing pastels on your nails! “If you’re feeling daring, wait for that to dry before using a tooth pick or teeny paint brush to polka dot your nails a different pastel color.”

Also, using two light colors doesn’t look as in-your-face as brights would. “I like using baby pink as a base, and yellow polka dots!”

You can shower with pretty floral scents and paint your nails a bubble-gum pink! Check out the gallery of our favorite pastel-colored beauty!

Sprinkle your life this weekend with these pastel-colored beauties!

–Amanda Chen

Beauty Blender, $19.95

Original blog entry: http://www.hollywoodlife.com/2011/04/23/pink-pastel-beauty/#354605-0-the-cocktail-party

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